Solutions for Better Communications

We specialize in creating products to improve communications for 2-Way Radio systems, Land Mobile Radio systems, and LonWorks wide area networking. Solutions range from out-of-the-box products such as RadioPro to custom-configured MCN Systems for comparator display and site monitoring. We also offer design services for custom circuits and software.


RadioPro - Dispatch from Anywhere

RadioPro™ for MOTOTRBO and NEXEDGE 2-Way Radio Systems

Voice-over-IP Dispatch & GPS for PCs and smart mobile devices

RadioPro provides Voice over IP (VoIP), Voice Logging, GPS mapping, and remote access to MOTORadioPro DispatchTRBO and NEXEDGE radio systems via IP and cell networks.  Client software provides users with a PC-based console (RadioPro Dispatch) for dispatching simultaneous radio channels, a low-cost user interface for PC users (RadioPro Talk), or a mobile app (RadioPro Mobile) that runs on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.   

RadioPro combines flexibility to solve any Radio-over-IP challenges, ease of system expansion, and cost savings over other solutions.

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MCN™ Systems

Remote Monitoring and Control for Comparators/Voters and Site Monitoring

MCN Systems are custom engineered to provide real-time monitoring and control for most comparators and voters, as well as for other site equipment such as doors, generators, and alarms. Using RCD™ software, comparators and site equipment status for multiple sites can be monitored and controlled from the same screen.

At a glance, a dispatcher or technician can determine status for any receiver in the system, or site equipment I/O. A noisy receiver can be remotely disable, quickly allowing a system to function until maintenance can be performed.

A variety of hardware and software modules makes it possible to fill any need and budget.

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LonWorks® Routers for Wide-Area Networking

Our LonWorks product offering includes routers to utilize analog telephone lines, ISDN, Ethernet, and serial channels to extend monitoring and control functions. These products make it possible to connect devices on a campus-wide, city-wide, or even world-wide scale.

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Custom Design Services

We have been solving customers' custom circuit and software design needs since 1995. Our in-house expertise allows us to design, document, and build a product - start to finish. We then support custom products with the same first-class attention we give our standard product line.

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