Monitoring & Control Network () Systems

Remote Monitoring & Control Networks for Audio Receive Comparators & Voters, Site Alarms, Generators

  • Monitor and Control Infrastructure Remotely

Monitor and Control Infrastructure Remotely

  • Solve system problems faster

At a glance, a dispatcher or technician can determine status for any receiver in the system, or site equipment I/O. A noisy receiver can be remotely disabled, quickly allowing a system to function until maintenance can be performed.

MCN Server 8000 Software
Features Devices Systems
  • Real-Time Monitoring/Control
  • Receiver Failure Alarm
  • Detect Audio Problems
  • Detect Interference
  • GRV 8000
  • GCM 8000
  • MLC 8000
  • Legacy comparators
  • P25 Trunking
  • Conventional

  • Keep your system at peak performance levels

MCN Systems are custom engineered to provide real-time monitoring and control of most comparators and voters, as well as for other site equipment such as doors, generators,and alarms. Using MCN RCD™ software, comparators and site equipment status for multiple sites can be monitored and controlled from the same screen.

A variety of hardware and software modules makes it possible to fill any need. Click on a link on the right to learn more about MCN Systems.

MCN Server 8000 Software