RadioPro Talk™ App

Question Answer
Can I use my phone as a two way radio? YES!
Is there a push-to-talk app? Yes. RadioPro Talk for iOS and Android
What is the best push-to-talk app? RadioPro Talk

RadioPro Talk™ is a 2 way radio app, or push-to-talk over cellular (PoC) solution. It will access your Motorola MOTOTRBO™ or Kenwood NEXEDGE® two-way radio system. The app is available for Android or iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices.

Connect a Cell Phone to your Radio System.

The RadioPro Talk™ app is a simple, reliable, and cost effective 2-way radio PTT solution. The app is free to download from either the Apple or Google app stores.


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RadioPro Talk™ App Features

RadioPro Talk™ App
Text Messaging
Subscriber Mapping
Channel Steering
Call Alerts
Private Call
Remote Radio Check

  • When a member of your team is outside the radio coverage area, They can use their own cellular device to stay in constant contact.

  • Management, who may only need radio access occasionally, will be able to monitor the radio system without requiring additional equipment.

  • Although less reliable and less rugged than traditional portable radios, having the options for some of your staff to bring their own devices and use a push-to-talk app may offer the cost savings and flexibility that you need for your existing communications infrastructure.

Feature Highlights:

Audio Replay

Replay the last 5 radio transmissions

With Version 1.10 of the RadioPro Talk™ app for iOS and Android, you now have the ability to replay the last 5 radio transmissions.

Subscriber Mapping

Quickly Locate Your Team

Show a map of the GPS position of all subscriber radios on your network.

GPS Map of All Subscriber Locations


Connect any bluetooth speaker

The RadioPro Talk™ app will broadcast audio to any bluetooth speaker your iOS or Android device can connect to.

Bluetooth PTT

Connect to a handheld, clippable bluetooth device for (Poc) push to talk over cellular
Push-to-Talk Devices that work with RadioPro Talk:

Version 1.8 of the RadioPro Talk™ app for iOS and Android added support to connect to the Aina PTT bluetooth speaker-microphone.

Aina PTT Voice Responder Manual

Aina PTT Voice Responder