Radio over IP solutions for PCs and mobile devices

RadioPro is a remote radio console solution that connects you to Motorola MOTOTRBO radios over IP networks. Whether you need a PC-based console for dispatching multiple radio channels (RadioPro Dispatch), a simple user interface for PC users (RadioPro Solo), or a mobile app (RadioPro Talk) that works on iPhone/iPad and Android devices, RadioPro has you covered. You can use any combination of Dispatch, Solo, and Talk mobile clients in your system, as shown in the diagram. The RadioPro IP Gateways interface your radio system to an IP network, making it easy to deploy across wide areas without buying and configuring server PCs.

With RadioPro, you can enjoy a flexible, scalable, and affordable remote radio console solution that meets any Radio-Over-IP needs.

RadioPro System Diagram

System Components

A RadioPro System includes the following components:

  • A control station radio and a RadioPro IP Gateway for every talk group you want to access at the same time.
  • Client software that runs on your PCs or mobile devices. You can mix and match these applications in your RadioPro system:
    • RadioPro Dispatch: A full-featured console for Windows™ PCs and notebooks
    • RadioPro Solo: A lightweight and easy-to-use client for Windows™ PCs and notebooks
    • RadioPro Talk: A simple and convenient interface for mobile devices (iOS and Android)

RadioPro™ IP Gateway

The smart and simple way to connect your radio and IP network!

The RadioPro IP Gateway is the key device that links your control station radio and your IP network. (See the system diagram above.) Unlike other solutions that need a radio over IP server and a gateway device for each radio, the RadioPro solution makes each radio over IP gateway router independent and server-free. This means you can save money and time on buying and setting up server PCs. The RadioPro IP Gateway also offers these features and benefits:

  • An all-in-one gateway and server This compact device has everything you need in one package. You don’t have to install any extra software or hardware. You can configure it easily and quickly, so you can reduce your installation costs.
  • A pre-set audio interface The custom audio interface of the RadioPro IP Gateway is designed to give you the best audio quality. You don’t have to worry about adjusting the transmit and receive levels, because we have done it for you.
  • Audio compression Audio compression lowers the IP network bandwidth requirement to only 2.2kBytes/s per channel.
  • Small footprint Small size allows installation in tight spaces.
  • Remote interface No keyboard, monitor, or mouse is needed. It’s just 8" x 3" x 12" deep, and less than 3 pounds, so you can mount multiple RadioPro IP Gateways on a standard 19" rack.
  • Watch-dog circuitry Integrated watch-dog circuit ensures reliable operation in remote, unattended facilities.

Radio Over IP Gateway Router

RadioPro Dispatch™ Software Client

Dispatch on your MOTOTRBO radio system from ANYWHERE ...
... to multiple sites

The RadioPro Dispatch client offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many channels or talk groups. It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a user’s efficiency. The IP Gateways and control station radios can be scattered among different locations, or centrally located. A host of accessories are available to implement an enterprise solution; including desk microphones, headsets, footswitches, and touch screens – all with PTT capabilities.

RadioPro Talk™ Software Client for Mobile Devices

Talk to your radio system from anywhere in the world!

RadioPro Mobile is a radio over ip Android or iOS solution. The app allows remote access to your 2-way radio system from Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices. Group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, and then clicking the PTT button. Selection of a talk group is made from a list on the main screen. Group and private calls are made easy by a "Contacts" button that is conveniently located next to the PTT button.

RadioPro Mobile is a useful radio over ip app when you are on-the-go and outside the coverage of your radio system, yet still need radio communications. It can also be used within a Wi-Fi network to lower monthly cellular charges.

Download RadioPro Mobile for your mobile device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store; search for "radiopro".

RadioPro Solo Client for Windows

Feels and operates like a MOTOTRBO radio

RadioPro Solo is a radio over ip software solution for Windows desktop or laptop computers that focuses on simplicity for the user. It allows remote access to a Motorola radio over ip so that users can stay in constant radio contact.

This is an economical solution in an office environment when using a radio is too expensive or involves too much additional hardware.