Radio over IP solutions for PCs and mobile devices

RadioPro provides remote access to Motorola MOTOTRBO radios via IP Networks.  PC-based client software presents a user with either a console for dispatching simultaneous radio channels (RadioPro Dispatch), a low-cost user interface for PC users (RadioPro Talk), or a mobile app (RadioPro Mobile) that runs on iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  As shown in the diagram, a system may have a mixture of Dispatch, Talk , and Mobile Clients. The IP Gateways interface the radio system to an IP network, ensuring easy wide-area deployment without purchasing and configuring server PCs.

RadioPro combines flexibility to solve any Radio-Over-IP challenges, ease of system expansion, and cost savings over other solutions.

RadioPro System Diagram

System Components

A RadioPro System includes the following components:

  • A control station radio and RadioPro IP Gateway for each simultaneous talk group.
  • Client software installed on PCs or mobile devices. The following applications can be used together in the same RadioPro system:

RadioPro™ IP Gateway

The Interface between Radio and IP that makes sense!

The RadioPro IP Gateway provides the hardware interface between a control station radio and an IP network. (Refer to the system diagram above.) Many other solution require a radio over ip server in addition to having a gateways device for each radio. With the RadioPro solution, each radio over ip gateway router is independent and does not need to check in with a server. In lieu of purchasing and configuring server PCs for this function, the RadioPro IP Gateway enables lower cost and quicker installation with the following features and benefits.

A Self-Contained Gateway and Server
  • This single, compact device requires no additional software or hardware installation by the installer. Configuration is made easy; therefore installation costs are kept to a minimum.
Pre-configured Audio Interface
  • The custom audio interface of the RadioPro IP Gateway is preset to give the highest quality audio. The guess-work for setting transmit and receive levels has been eliminated, and enables quick installation.
Audio Compression
  • Audio compression reduces the IP network bandwidth requirement to only 2.2kBytes/s per channel.
Small Footprint
  • Small size allows installation in limited spaces.
Remote Interface
  • No keyboard, monitor, or mouse is required. Just 8" x 3" x 12" deep, and less than 3 pounds, so that multiple RadioPro IP Gateways can be mounted on a standard 19" rack.
Watch-dog Circuitry
  • Integrated Watch-dog circuit enables worry-free operation in remote, unattended facilities.

Radio Over IP Gateway Router

RadioPro Dispatch™ Software Client

Dispatch on your MOTOTRBO radio system from ANYWHERE ...
... to multiple sites

The RadioPro Dispatch client offers a console-type solution for applications requiring connection to many channels or talk groups. It is designed with an intuitive user interface to minimize learning time and maximize a user’s efficiency. The IP Gateways and control station radios can be scattered among different locations, or centrally located. A host of accessories are available to implement an enterprise solution; including desk microphones, headsets, footswitches, and touch screens – all with PTT capabilities.

RadioPro Talk™ Software Client for Mobile Devices

Talk to your radio system from anywhere in the world!

RadioPro Mobile is a radio over ip Android or iOS solution. The app allows remote access to your 2-way radio system from Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) mobile devices. Group or private calls are as easy as making a selection from the subscriber list, and then clicking the PTT button. Selection of a talk group is made from a list on the main screen. Group and private calls are made easy by a "Contacts" button that is conveniently located next to the PTT button.

RadioPro Mobile is a useful radio over ip app when you are on-the-go and outside the coverage of your radio system, yet still need radio communications. It can also be used within a Wi-Fi network to lower monthly cellular charges.

Download RadioPro Mobile for your mobile device from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store; search for "radiopro".

RadioPro Solo Client for Windows

Feels and operates like a MOTOTRBO radio

RadioPro Solo is a radio over ip software solution for Windows desktop or laptop computers that focuses on simplicity for the user. It allows remote access to a Motorola radio over ip so that users can stay in constant radio contact.

This is an economical solution in an office environment when using a radio is too expensive or involves too much additional hardware.