MCN Hardware Modules

MCN Network Interfaces

Use these to connect PCs and Consoles to an MCN system
  • MCN HIB-IP 8002 Network Interface

    HIB-IP 8002

    The HIB-IP 8002 Network Interface Module connects a PC running the MCNRCD software to a remote MCN network over an IP network. It is compatible with Motorola Solutions, Inc. Astro 25 Radio Network Infrastructure (A7.13 and up). It brings the status indications for the devices connected to the MCN I/O modules back to the PC over an IP (LAN or WAN) network. It also allows the operator to control the I/O modules.

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  • MCN IIB Network Interface


    The IIB Input/Output Interface Module connects a parallel operator display device (such as a console) to the MCN Network. It allows the console operator to Force-Vote and Disable receivers. The IIB is used with AIB ASTRO-TAC™ Comparator Interface Module to provide voting status indications (Vote, Receive, Disable, and Fail) to a console. The IIB can also be used with CIB Comparator Interface Module to extend the comparator display and control for other comparators (Digitac, Spectra-TAC, TAC, and EGE).

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MCN Comparator Interfaces

Use these to connect Comparators to an MCN system
  • MCN AIB Astrotac Comparator Interface


    The AIB ASTRO-TAC Interface Module provides status indications (Vote, Receive, Disable & Fail) from a Motorola ASTRO-TAC comparator to remote PCs or consoles. It allows users to Force-vote and Disable receivers on the comparator.

    The AIB is compatible with:

    • Motorola ASTRO-TAC Comparators with firmware 1.7 or higher
    • Motorola ASTRO-TAC 3000 Comparators

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  • MCN CIB General Purpose Comparator Interface


    The CIB Comparator Interface Module connects a voting system comparator to the MCN Network. It extends the comparator lights and switches over the network to a remote display position (either a PC or a console display).

    The CIB Comparator Interface Module is compatible with:

    • Conventional Systems
    • Trunking Systems
    • Motorola Digitac, Spectra-TAC, and TAC Comparators
    • JPS SNV-12 Voters
    • M/A-Com / Ericsson / G.E. Voters
    • Doug Hall Electronics 4RV/2 Voters

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MCN I/O Interfaces

Use these to connect peripheral I/O's to an MCN system
  • MCN GPIO General Purpose Input/Output Module


    General Purpose Input/Output Modules are available with combinations for opto-isolated inputs, SSR (Solid-State Relay) outputs, or mechanical relay outputs. They can be used to monitor and control a wide range of devices at remote sites, including:

    • Generators
    • Door sensors & intrusion alarms
    • Door locks & gate controls
    • Power fail sensors
    • Temperature alarms
    • Microwave/T1 link status
    • Tower lights

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  • MCN GPIO-CVT Module


    The GPIO-CVT Module is a special version of the GPIO-1212A module. It converts 12 inputs to 12 outputs. It may be used for buffering signals, level translation, and/or logic inversion. It can also be used to convert N.C. circuits to N.O. circuits, and N.O. circuits to N.C. circuits.

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  • MCN IOB Input/Output Interface


    The IOB Input/Output Interface Module connects I/O devices (such as relays) to the MCN network. The IOB is used with an MCN Network Interface to create an I/O control system. This module interfaces directly with the RYB-8 Relay Board to provide hi-reliability sealed relay contacts for audio switching. See below for details.

  • RYB-8 Relay Board

    The RYB-8 has the following features:

    • 8 DPDT hi-reliability sealed relays (configured to switch circuit pairs), rated for low-level (dry circuit) audio circuits, up to 2A
    • Selectable 600 Ohm terminations for the Normally Open, Normally Closed, or Common circuits
    • LEDs to indicate energized relays
    • Control Connector (relay coil inputs) is pin-compatible with the IOB Module above
    • Jumpers to control adjacent relays with a single input

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  • Rack Mount Panel
    for RYB-8

    This EIA 19" rack-mount panel has spaces to mount four RYB-8 Relay Boards on one side, and a Hot-Standby Power Supply kit on the other. This panel requires 6 RU (10.5") of rack space.

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  • Relay Power Supply

    The Relay Power Supply provides 12Vdc to power the relay coils of the RYB-8 Relay Board. The input voltage to the Relay Power Supply can vary between 100 and 240 Vac.

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  • Relay Power Distribution Board

    The Relay Power Distribution Board provides distribution and monitoring for dual redundant power supplies in systems where a power supply failure cannot be tolerated. The outputs from redundant power supplies are independently connected to inputs on the Relay Power Distribution Board. Each supply input on this board is separately fused, and has LEDs to indicate their status.

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