RadioPro Talk Privacy Policy

About this Policy

This policy describes how the RadioPro Talk mobile application acquires and uses data provided by the user. This Privacy Policy is effective July 13 2017 and will be updated as needed.

Information Collection

RadioPro Talk uses the microphone on your mobile device to communicate with two-way radio users and other mobile users that have established a connection with a RadioPro IP Gateway. You must opt-in to access the microphone. You can opt out at any time, but the functionality of the application will then be restricted to listen-only.

RadioPro Talk will access your location information and will share it with others connected to the same RadioPro IP Gateway when location sharing permission is granted. You must opt-in to share your location information. You can opt-out at any time, but must log out and then back into the RadioPro IP Gateway for this change to take effect.

RadioPro Talk may collect mobile device characteristics and usage data to assist with product improvement goals. This data does not contain specific user information such as personal identification or company association.

RadioPro Talk will store Gateway connection parameters to enable a more satisfying user experience.. These parameters include IP Gateway IP Address, Username, and Password.

CTI Products provides internet connection to several “public IP Gateways” for the purposes of product demonstration and testing. Any audio or text communication provided by the user or location information shared while logged into these gateways would be available to any users making use of these gateways. As such, all information shared on these gateways should be considered publicly available.

Storage of Information

RadioPro Talk does not store any audio or data transmission on your mobile device. Audio and data transmissions are retained for 24 hours on the IP Gateway that you are logged into. Depending upon your organizational needs and infrastructure, the audio may also be archived onto servers not licensed, owned, or managed by CTI Products, Inc. Please consult your network administrators for additional information.

Information Sharing and Security

Your user name is displayed to other mobile users currently connected to the same IP Gateway.

Any information disclosed in transmissions and texts can be collected and used by other users of the IP Gateway on which you are communicating.

RadioPro Talk cannot prevent the use of any other applications on a mobile device or prevent the use of resources by those applications.

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Our two-way radio partners include Motorola Solutions (as an Authorized Application Provider) and Kenwood USA (as a Kenwood Solution Developer).

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