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CTI Products, Inc. specializes in developing and manufacturing hardware that connects networks over a wide variety of media, including wired and wireless networks. We are dedicated to developing and manufacturing connectivity solutions and devices that meet the unique needs of our customers. Our solutions provide effective control, operation, and monitoring on a local, national or global level.

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CTI Products, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Combined Technologies, Inc., specializing in wireless telecommunications for over 50 years. The company operates from its headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

About CTI Products

CTI Products was founded in 1992, for the purpose of providing two-way radio dealers with products that are not available from other sources. We are a part of Combined Technologies, Inc., with the following business interests:


Our Partners

Our two-way radio partners include Motorola Solutions (as an Authorized Application Provider) and Kenwood USA (as a Kenwood Solution Developer).

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