MCN/RCD Remote Comparator Display Software

MCN Software provides real-time monitoring and control for most comparators and voters, as well as other site equipment such as doors, generators, and alarms. With MCN Software, you can monitor and control comparators and site equipment status for multiple sites from the same screen. You can even Force-Vote and Disable transmitters from a PC.

The software displays Vote, Receive, and Fail status for any receiver in the system. You can remotely disable a noisy receiver to quickly allow the system to function until maintenance can be performed.

MCN RCD Software

MCN/RCD Remote Comparator Display Features:

  • Extends control and monitoring of a comparator to a PC display.
  • Compatible with Motorola ASTRO-TAC, Digtac, Spectra-TAC, Alarms & Remote I/O Points.
  • Helps technicians diagnose and repair voting system problems.
  • Intermittent system problems can be extremely tough to find. The Remote Comparator Display shows which receiver is bad while the problem still exists.
  • Eliminate repeated service calls to the comparator just to isolate a bad receiver.
  • The display window (Windows 10) is user sizeable and can be used with other applications such as dispatch console programs.
  • Provides real-time monitoring and control without using up valuable console electronics resources.

Get Control of Your Comparator!

Use the MCN/RCD Remote Comparator Display software tool to helps diagnose your system problems fast!

Several versions of RCD Software are available:

  • MCN RCD Standard software is designed for single-user or stand-alone applications.
  • MCN Server software is designed for situations that require multiple display position, either in the same location, or in various locations.
  • MCN Advanced Server software adds the capability of adding multiple MCN Network Interfaces for improved scalability.
  • MCN Server 8000 software adds IP interfacing for Motorola GRV 8000 and MLC 8000 IP comparators.

RCD Software Comparison

Product Client-Server # of Clients Comparator Interface & I/O Modules Supported Remote Link # of Network Interfaces Third Party Client
MCN RCD Standard No n/a CIB, AIB, GPIO Modules IP, Dial-up 1
MCN Server Yes 4 Std; 8-64 Opt. CIB, AIB, GPIO Modules IP 1
MCN Advanced Server Yes 4 Std; 8-64 Opt. CIB, AIB, GPIO Modules IP 4 Std; 5-64 Opt. Option
MCN RCD Server 8000 Yes 4 Std; 8-64 Opt. IP: Motorola GRV 8000, GCM 8000, MLC 8000
CIB, AIB, GPIO Modules
IP 1 Std; 5-64 Opt. Option