RadioPro Dispatch™ Software

Manage your team remotely from a PC workstation

The RadioPro Dispatch™ software runs on Windows® operating systems and emulates a Motorola dispatch console or Kenwood radio dispatch software system.

The dispatch radio system has been optimized for Motorola MOTOTRBO™ and Kenwood NEXEDGE® land mobile radio systems.


RadioPro Dispatch Main Screen


Key up individual radios or groups of radios for private calls, group calls or all-call broadcast messages. Send radio text messages to single radios, subscriber groups or all-call broadcast text messages.

Signal a radio on your network to make sure it is operational. Remotely monitor any radio on your network. Disable / enable radios from the dispatch console.


Dispatch Software Downloads:

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Supported Features:

System Type
Analog Conventional Digital Capacity Plus IP Site Connect Linked Capacity Plus Connect Plus Capacity Max
Voice Dispatch
Text Messaging
GPS Mapping
Private Call
Remote Monitor
Remote Enable/Disable

Kenwood NEXEDGE® Supported Features:

System Type
Analog Analog with FleetSync Digital NXDN Digital NXDN with call ack. NXDN & LTR Trunking NXDN Trunking (Mssg Trnkd)
Voice Dispatch
Text Messaging
GPS Mapping
Status Updates
Selective Calling
Remote Monitor
Remote Enable/Disable

Feature Highlights:

History Logging

Record everything

Audio transmissions, radio text messages, and GPS events are recorded for the duration that the RadioPro Dispatch™ software is running and connected to a RadioPro™ IP Gateway. History logging uses database technology that does not require recurring licensing fees. The database technology also simplifies archiving and maintenance tasks.

Search for important events with the Archive Viewer and event reporting

View events stored in the database. Run queries for Audio, Emergency, Alert, GPS, Text, and Geo Fence events.
Run radio text, call, call alert, emergency, and gateway summary reports.

Archive Viewer query results.

Text Messaging

Communicate Without Voice

Initiating LMR based text messsages can be a cumbersome task due to the limited buttons on a portable radio. From the dispatch console application, text messages are easily typed using a full keyboard.

Job assignments for team members can be texted from the ip dispatch console system. Team members will have that information for quick retrieval rather than re-listening to a previous voice transmission or calling back to dispatch for the information to be repeated.


Locate your fleet and track vehicle proximities

See where your fleet is now and where they've been with GPS mapping and breadcrumb trails.
Run GPS location reports, vehicle stopped reports, and speeding reports.

Vehicle route shown with a breadcrumb trail.
Geofence area displayed as a map overlay.


Be notified when a vehicle leaves a specific area or when a vehicle enters an area.
Run geofence reports to document location-based incursions.

Reverse Geocoding

With the RadioPro Dispatch™ software version 8.2.0, GPS information from subscriber radios is translated into physical addresses. This address information can be used in reporting and audits.

This reverse geocoding solution is a Non-Recurring cost solution. Other solutions such as those available from Google and Bing have a "pay per translation" or "pay with advertising" revenue model.

County Parcel information displayed as a map overlay.

Geofence Summary Report with address information.

Right-click-> What's this address?

Call Boxes

View call boxes on a map of your campus.

RadioPro Dispatch™ software version 8.2.0 adds callbox and Avigilon integration.

Call boxes on a campus map.
Trigger Avigilon Alarms During an Emergency at a Callbox

Avigilon Integration

Trigger CCTV camera equipment from call boxes during an emergency.

2-Way Radio Call Box transmissions can trigger Avigilon Camera alarms. Cameras can be programmed to pan and zoom to view the call box where the emergency is occuring.