RadioPro™ IP Gateway

Connect your land mobile radio system to the Internet

The RadioPro™ IP Gateway connects to your Motorola MOTOTRBO™ or Kenwood NEXEDGE® radio system and exposes full functionality to users at PC dispatch stations or partial functionality to users with the mobile PTT app.

RadioPro IP Gateway

The RadioPro™ IP Gateway provides a true (ROIP) radio over internet protocol solution that goes beyond voice and PTT capabilities.

Gateway Features

RadioPro™ IP Gateway
Text Messaging
Channel Steering
Call Alerts
Private Call
Remote Monitor
Remote Enable/Disable

The RadioPro™ IP Gateway is designed to interface with the following Motorola commercial two-way radios and Kenwood digital mobile radio systems.

Supported Radios

Manufacturer Radio Model System Types
  • Analog
  • Conventional Digital
  • IP Site Connect Digital
  • Capacity Plus Trunking
  • Linked Capacity Plus Trunking
  • Connect Plus Trunking
  • Capacity Max Trunking
  • P25
  • Analog
  • Conventional
  • LTR Trunking
  • NXDN Trunking
  • NXDN Trunking (Enhanced)
  • Site Roaming

Feature Highlights:

Voice Recorder (RTP Streaming to Eventide)

Stream radio traffic to a 3rd party

The RadioPro™ IP Gateway Voice Recorder feature, added in version 8.0.13 was originally intended to interface with Eventide communication logging and incident management solutions. We have greatly enhanced this feature and now offer several streaming options that can be used to tie your radio solution into any variety of 3rd party audio vendors.

The following RTP (Real-time Transport Protocol) formats were added in version 8.1.10:

  • GSM @ 8000 Hz
  • G722 @ 8000 Hz
  • PCM Linear @ 8000 Hz
  • PCM Linear @ 11025 Hz
  • PCM μ-law @ 8000 Hz
  • PCM μ-law @ 11025 Hz


Transmit vehicle locations to a 3rd party

MultiSpeak was added to the RadioPro™ IP Gateway in version 8.0.13. This feature uses the SOAP service protocol to communicate with software applications commonly used by electric utilities.

RadioPro™ IP Gateway - MultiSpeak compatability is as follows:

  • Version 3.0 (since gateway version 8.0.13)
  • Version 4.1 (since gateway version 8.1.4)