RadioPro™ IP Gateway FAQ

  • What is the warranty period for the RadioPro IP Gateway?

2 years.

  • What is the underlying OS for the RadioPro IP Gateway?

Date of Purchase Operating System
June 2010 - January 2020 Windows 7 embedded
February 2020 - March 2022 Window 10 IoT Enterprise
April 2022 - Present Debian GNU/Linux

  • Why is my Gateway status showing disconnected in the Dispatch Client?

There are several reasons that an IP Gateway would be shown as "disconnected":
  1. Each client and RadioPro IP Gateway must have compatible versions in order to communicate. For more details on version compatibility, see the Installation Guide page 22 "System Compatibility Considerations".
  2. The ethernet cable connecting the radio to the IP Gateway may be disconnected.
  3. The IP Gateway must be powered on and must have completed its boot-up procedure. The boot-up procedure could take up to two minutes.
  4. Ensure that the router or switch between the PC and the Gateway has power.
  5. The Dispatch Client and the IP Gateway may be on different subnets.
    Possible Solutions:
    • Change the IP address and subnet masks of the Gateway and/or Dispatch so Dispatch can reach the IP Gateway
    • Configure Port Forwarding:

Disconnected Gateways

  • Why is the RadioPro IP Gateway status indicating connected, but the GPS and voice control station radio’s do not work or state radio disconnected?

  1. For Motorola radios, try a different USB port on the back of the gateway.
  2. Verify that the radio programming is configured correctly.
  3. Contact CTI Products Technical support
  • Why am I getting an Invalid License Key error in the ICU program, when I try to import the old License Keys.

  1. The wrong license key may have been imported into the wrong Gateway.
  2. Please contact CTI Products Technical support
  • Can I transfer licenses to another Gateway?

No. Client licenses cannot be shared or transferred between Gateways. They can be added, but not removed.

  • How do I sync the time servers of my gateways?

There are several ways to accomplish this depending on how isolated your local network may be. If the network has no public internet access, consider using a Central Time server such as ATS (Absolute Time Server). However, if your network has open access to the internet consider using a public NTP source such as ''.

Please refer to the following for additional information:

  • What is the Processor speed of the RadioPro IP Gateway?

The RadioPro IP Gateway’s Processor is a Quad Core 1.60GHz CPU